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The Basics of Starting a childcare center
The basics of leading a childcare center

As more families shift to both parents working outside the home, the demand for high-quality child care continues to rise, creating ample opportunity for entrepreneurs like you.  Now that you’ve identified the market need, what’s next? 

How do you set up something as complicated as a child-care center? The Basics of Starting a Child-Care Business, the first book in The Business of Child Care series, walks readers through each step of planning, developing, and launching their own child-care business. Regardless of the scale–joining an established franchise, creating an on-site center at your office, or hosting a program in your home–entrepreneurial expert Marnie Forestieri, CDA, will guide you from start to finish: Understand the economics of the child-care business, write a comprehensive business plan, prepare a thorough financial plan, develop efficient operations for smooth day-to-day functioning, master marketing to promote your business to potential customers, and provide excellent quality control and customer service.

Now that you’ve identified the market need for high-quality child care and you’ve taken the first steps to building your practice, what’s next? How do you ensure quality care? How do you create a culture of growth and stem turnover?

The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business, the second book in The Business of Child Care series, explains how to develop and lead a high-quality program where children can play and learn in the care of a well-educated, committed, and trained workforce. Explore key questions that shape understanding:

  • What are the root causes of turnover?
  • How do you set the culture of your organization?
  • How can you build the best team for your organization?
  • How do you construct professional-development plans for sustained growth?